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Embodying The Divine

In our pursuit of a purposeful and fulfilling life, we often explore or seek to connect with something greater than ourselves.

Being a fully embodied spirit means expressing our thoughts, beliefs and feelings in a tangible physical and living form. When we embody spirituality, we blend our human experiences with our spiritual connection, with our body acting as the bridge between the two. Divine embodiment is the beautiful journey that allows us to achieve this.


This month on the membership, we explore what divine embodiment entails, the balance between our masculine and feminine energies through embodiment and how we can integrate it into our practice on the mat. Connecting within our bodies and feeling our bodily sensations is a key starting point on this journey. The connection between body, mind and spirit helps us become more familiar with our physical being and opens the door to a greater understanding of our personal experiences. As we increase this connection, we gain access to our subtle energies, witnessing the beautiful transformation of spirit into the physical form.

Movement and yoga practices play a crucial role in enhancing this connection. Through the practice of yoga, we learn to move consciously and mindfully, bringing awareness to each breath and posture. This heightened awareness allows us to feel and listen to our bodies more deeply, creating a bridge between the physical and spiritual planes. By embracing the path of embodiment through movement and yoga, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth and over time come to realise that our bodies are the sacred vessel in which our divine essence resides.

At the heart of our embodiment journey lies the connection to our intuition - our inner compass that guides us toward alignment with our higher self. Intuition can be understood as a subtle yet powerful inner knowing - a form of direct communication between our conscious mind and the layers of our being. It transcends rational thought and comes from a place of connection with our authentic self.

When we integrate intuition into our movement practices and yoga, we create a sacred space for our inner voice to flourish. As we flow through asana and breath connection in our yoga practices or tap into free movement, we learn to listen to the whispers of our intuition. It is through these conscious movements that we can truly tap into the wisdom residing within our bodies, allowing it to guide our physical bodies in harmony with our feelings.

You can integrate the below suggestions into your yoga practice in order to create a more profound embodied connection with your divine essence:

Begin each yoga session with a clear intention to connect with the divine within. Set an affirmation or mantra to remind yourself of your sacred purpose during the practice.


Utilise pranayama to expand your awareness and establish a direct connection between the physical body and the spiritual self.


While moving through yoga postures, focus on aligning your body with grace and intention, allowing the divine energy to flow through you.


Incorporate meditation and contemplative practices to quiet the mind and commune with the divine essence.

By tuning into and expressing your intuition through your yoga and movement practices you build a bridge between your inner self, your feelings and your physical body. Through the art of surrender, letting go and movement practice, you will learn how to connect with your intuition.


It is important to also outline how balancing the masculine and feminine energies play a crucial role in divine embodiment as it allows us to fully embrace our wholeness and spiritual growth. Ascension, representing masculine energy with its focus on higher vibrations, engages the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, fostering a connection with higher realms and divine wisdom. On the other hand, descension embodies feminine energy through engaging the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, guiding us towards grounding and nurturing aspects of our being. By accessing our feminine energy, we can delve deep into awakening, embracing our feelings and sensations with more compassion and acceptance. This nurturing of our feminine energy, as we get into the pelvis, hips and womb space, strengthens our connection to the divine and encourages a sense of unity with the sacred spirit, ultimately enriching our journey of embodiment. Recognising that this feminine energy is within us all, we can embrace a stronger level of spiritual awakening, unlocking the wisdom and intuition that resides within us.

"If you want more abundance, joy, peace, ease and flow in your life– you must embody that energy first. And this is where embodiment work comes in. Embodiment is the key to true manifestation." - Sahara Rose

Be sure to take time this month to reference and work with our available journal prompts and affirmations as you explore and embody your divine energy:



Journey with us this month as we tap into the deeper layers of ourselves and embody all of the feelings and sensations that arise through our practices both on and off the mat.

In our first week, you experience a beautiful 60-minute vinyasa practice that emphasises intuitive movement by flowing with your emotions and honouring your feelings as you direct your energy in motion. Be sure to take some time following this flow to journal anything that shifts or comes up for you.

In the second week, will be a 30-minute mobility and strength based hips practice that will help to dig into the descension of our feminine energy and connect with our inner divine power.

We also have a Divine Connection Meditation with our guest teacher Caroline which will take you on a beautiful journey to connect with yourself and your divine essence through breath and visualisation.

In our third week, we introduce a beautiful new guest teacher - Lena Jungmann (@happylenayoga) - who has filmed an embodied 45-minute hatha inspired practice, encouraging you to connect with your inner goddess and explore your strength in both movement and stillness.

And in our final week, you will be guided through a 20-minute expressive embodiment practice using your body as an instrument to awaken the energy systems and vibrations through free movement, tapping and body drumming. An amazing practice to really feel into the sensations of your body.

This week, we also dive into heron and compass asanas in our movement breakdown video. Two asanas that help to enhance flexibility and mobility in the hips, leg and core, bringing a sense of balance and release.

As always, we have our suggested Soul Sanctuary Flows from the back catalogue (in black) which align with this month’s theme, mapped out below in our printable calendar. You can find these additional practices in the calendar function on our beautiful app or search for them on the membership on the website via desktop.

And don’t forget - you can flow along with our monthly playlist HERE.

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Divine embodiment is a transformative journey that infuses our daily lives with love, purpose and gratitude.
By embracing this sacred connection, we discover our inner strength, compassion and wisdom, enabling us to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.
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