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30-Day Beginner’s Yoga Course

Welcome to our brand new and highly requested Beginners Yoga Course. Over the next 30 days, you will have the opportunity to explore and build upon basic yoga shapes, bringing your body into deeper alignment, mobility, and strength.
Unlike many courses out there, we don't just focus on the physical. Throughout your beginner's Soul Sanctuary journey you will also learn about the fundamental yogic philosophies as well as how we can connect to our energy and chakra system.

The Soul Sanctuary '30-Day Beginners Yoga Course' is made up of daily videos, around 20-30 minutes, all with a different focus, to help you explore which elements of the yoga practice you connect with most. This Beginners Yoga Course will take you from being a complete beginner and will give you the knowledge, tools, and freedom in your body to move forwards in your practice and make yoga part of your regular routine.

This course will be available on the membership for you to come back to time and time again for as long as you are a Soul Sanctuary member.


This journey is perfect for anyone who is new to yoga or may wish to build a more consistent practice at home. It will help you become more familiar with the foundations of this beautiful practice.


Yoga is a spiritual practice connecting the mind, body, energy and breath. The physical benefits of practicing yoga are endless and will help improve strength, balance, and flexibility in the body and muscles, but the real beauty of yoga is when we create the space for the union of the self, breath, body, and soul.

"Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self" - The Bhagavad Gita. 


Each video in this course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of a balanced yoga practice and will include an introduction to:

✨ Breathwork and Meditation.

✨ Asanas (postures).

✨ Yoga philosophy (with Angie Tiwari).

✨ The mind-body-spirit holistic connection and our chakra system.


See below for an outline of our 'Beginners Yoga Course' schedule:



To gain access to the '30-Day Beginners yoga Course' you MUST be a Soul Sanctuary member. If you are interested in seeing what our membership has to offer ahead of the course launch, why not sign up for our FREE 7-DAY TRIAL.

If you're interested in our membership options so you can partake in the Beginners course when it launches, we offer:

🔅 £11.66 p/m rolling 1-year subscription (£139.99 paid up front each year)

🔅 £14.99 p/m rolling monthly subscription.

Our membership, founded by yoga, meditation and movement teacher Cat Meffan, includes over 450 videos (for all levels). You will be able to deepen your yoga practice through the means of:

✨ Pranayama (breath) and Meditation

✨ Asana (postures, yoga flows, yin and restorative, mandala & ,more)

✨ Asana movement breakdown (breakdown of specific shapes)

✨ Anatomy and alignment for all levels and all bodies

✨ Free movement (unstructured and intuitive movement)

✨ Journaling and intention setting

✨ Yoga Philosophy with Angie Tiwari

✨ And a deeper understanding of yoga and the elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) and the energy systems (chakras)

✨ Become part of the Soul Sanctuary family, where our community thrives by being loving, kind, vulnerable and playful.

✨ Plus bonus classes from guest teachers.



If you’re interested, but still feeling unsure, we are hosting a FREE ONLINE 90-MINUTE 'BEGINNERS YOGA' WORKSHOP this Sunday afternoon on the 29th of May at 3 pm (BST).

Make sure to secure your spot so you can access the workshop and be sent a recording if you are unable to attend at this time.

The workshop will consist of a discussion around the benefits of yoga, gentle movement and connection to breath, and further insight into what you can learn on our upcoming ‘30-Day Beginners Yoga Course’. All you need for the workshop is a yoga mat and an open heart.

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