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Yoganuary 8.0 ‘Time To Shine’


What is Yoganuary?

Yoganuary is a 31-day challenge that will begin your year with confidence, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, expansion and so much more. It consists of daily videos that you can flow with alongside the Soul Sanctuary community -  or at your own pace! You can expect yoga and movement, meditation, philosophy, breath work and sound.

The practices will be led by Soul Sanctuary founder and yoga teacher Cat Meffan, alongside her special guest teachers, Caroline Inspired, Joa Gomez, Lena Jungmann, Angie Tiwari and new guest teacher Zakiya Dharsi. This beautiful team will help you to  activate a sense of awareness for your mind, body, soul and breath. 

More about Soul Sanctuary

Soul Sanctuary is an online yoga membership, (available on desktop and app), that has over 650 practices for you to enjoy including yoga, meditation, movement, sound, free movement, asana alignment, breath work, philosophy and skills development. 

Soul Sanctuary is more than yoga on the mat, it’s an online space that’s all about peeling back the layers and connecting to deeper parts of yourself, moving closer to your authenticity and expanding. It’s about taking what you learn and applying it to real-life, growing beyond the poses, manifesting the life you want and learning about how beautiful you already are.

It is a place where you can feel supported by like-minded beings, sharing laughter, love, curiosity and movement. When you become a Soul Sanctuary member, you are also signing up to the most beautiful and supportive community on the internet. 

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Our 14-DAY FREE TRIAL gives you full access to our online yoga membership. Meaning that you can flow from over 650 videos, join our community, start your journal and get access to all the other amazing things you'll find with a Soul Sanctuary membership during your free trial. 

You can explore everything we have to offer (including Yoganuary) via our free trial now.

Lydia x Cat - Yoganuary-1176


In case you’re new to Soul Sanctuary… we are very excited to share that this is our 8th Yoganuary. 

Yoganuary offers you the chance to let go of ego, step outside of your regular routine and begin your year with all the possibility that taking time to dive deep inside the self can bring.  We encourage you to take things at your own pace, in your own time, listening to your body and your intuition. Please create the space to tune in and listen to what you need. If this means you’d like to set yourself the challenge to take part every day throughout Yoganuary, take this as your cue. If you want to set your own pace, we encourage you to make Yoganuary your own.

What do I need?

We recommend you use a yoga mat for your asana practice . We also recommend blocks and a strap, (or any household items that you can use instead - i.e. books and dressing robe strap).

You don’t need the latest yoga clothes or accessories to be part of this journey and our lovely community. The only essential is that you offer yourself compassion and honesty, showing  up on your mat to let go of whatever needs to flow through you or be released that day. 



As you embark on this 31-day healing journey, trust that this is your Time To Shine.

You’ll explore paths and patterns that both trigger and delight your senses as you move, breathe and transform on your mat. The Soul Sanctuary’s Yoganuary challenge is more than 31 days of asana, because we invite our members to really feel, observe and expand. We have curated and created a voyage that will move your soul as much as it will move your body. We call upon you to come as you are; without shame, without judgment, just being present with the energy you find yourself in each day. 

Take this opportunity to dive deep into curiosity and awareness. Find connection with not only your breath and movements, but with the Soul Sanctuary’s supportive, kind and loving community.

We will journey through 5 chapters: The Arrival, The Awakening, The Expansion, The Freedom and The Knowing, taking time every day with an abundance of yoga, embodied flow, chakras, mudra, meditation, strength and so much more. Yoganuary 8.0 will be accompanied by our new workbook, to allow for more self study and inner growth. 

We are here to shine bright together. Filling ourselves up with confidence, empowerment and liberation, so that we can share our glow with the world.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

In this chapter, we focus on the process of arriving and grounding into the New Year and into the self. It is a time for slowness and intention, allowing yourself to check in and honour the beginning of your journey. 

The practices will encourage you to connect with yourself and acknowledge where you are currently at in your life. 

Chapter 2: The Awakening

The second chapter is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing the process of awakening. We will explore the building blocks of yoga, both physically and mentally, using props to deepen postures and bring attention back to the foundations. 

The practices within this chapter encourage you to honour any shadows that may arise and develop the confidence to face them.

Chapter 3: The Expansion

In this chapter, we delve into the concept of interconnectivity and expansion. 

We explore the idea that our inner consciousness reflects in our outer world and emphasise the importance of our connection to nature. 

Through mandala yoga practices that connect with the elements, we deepen our connection and recognise our place within the universal web of life. 

Chapter 4: The Freedom

Chapter 4 is dedicated to exploring liberation, the shine of the soul and inner illumination. We focus on the chakras, the energy centres within the body, to open up gateways for personal growth and freedom. 

Through specific yoga practices, we aim to activate and balance the chakras, allowing energy to flow freely. 

Chapter 5: The Knowing

The final chapter of this journey is about integrating everything you have learned and experienced into your life as you enter the New Year with a sense of empowerment. 

It's a time to embrace the knowing within yourself and to reflect on the growth and transformation you have undergone.


Please enjoy this beautiful music playlist, especially curated for Yoganuary 8.0 - Time To Shine.

Play it from start to end, pop it on shuffle or pick your favourite tracks to do some free movement to, you can flow along with this at any point during your Time To Shine journey. 



Your Time To Shine journey will be lead by Soul Sanctuary founder Cat Meffan and our beautiful guest teachers.

See below for a downloadable and printable calendar. You can cross off each practice as you make your way through the month. 

Yoganuary Calendar 2024


Our incredible Yoganuary giveaway is back again!

This is for anyone who has a FULL, ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP, (not a Free 7 or 14-Day Trial), on the 31st January 2024. 

You will be AUTOMATICALLY entered into the draw to win one of the incredible prizes below.


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That’s right, one lucky member will be gifted £500 in cash.

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We are very excited to share our Higher Self Healing Retreat with you, a 3-night healing retreat in Dorset. We are giving one lucky member the opportunity to win a space on this incredibly beautiful retreat.

AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP 🤎 Annual membership for one, Soul Sanctuary Notebook and Tote Bag.

One lucky member will have the chance to win a 12-month Soul Sanctuary Membership, an exclusive Soul Sanctuary tote bag, and a beautiful A5 recycled cork Soul Sanctuary notebook.

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Our wonderful friends at Liforme are giving one of you the exciting opportunity to win a beautiful Yoga Mat Bundle,  which includes: 1 x Yoga Mat, 1 x Travel Mat, 1 x Yoga Pad.
Liforme Yoga mats are truly revolutionary. The ultimate grip for your practice features their unique and original alignment system. All Liforme mats are planet friendly - biodegradable, non-toxic, and PVC free. Good for you, good for the planet.

JEWELLERY 🤎 A £250 voucher for the stunning, sustainable jewellery brand ‘By Glaze’.

‘By Glaze’ is timeless, minimal jewellery that never goes out of style. Cat Meffan has her own jewellery collaboration with By Glaze. All of their designs have been sustainably and ethically produced using recycled sterling silver and responsibly sourced 18k gold plating. They have created beautiful pieces that not only empower women and support local communities but also have the planet front of mind.

ACTIVEWEAR 🤎 A £300 Free People Movement voucher.

Yes! One lucky winner will be awarded a voucher to the value of £300 to spend at Free People Movement.

FOOTWEAR 🤎  THREE pairs of Vivobarefoot shoes (worth over £400! Vegan options only). 


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See you on the mat!

Lots of love, Soul Sanctuary team xx

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