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Why Do We Love Inversions?


Who loves going up side down?!! Inversions can sit in the category of love or hate.

It takes many of us a long time to enjoy inversions and usually the main reason for that is the fear factor.

There are so many physical and mental benefits to being upside down. These include the elimination of toxins, boosting positive energy and immunity; increased flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, stimulates the nervous system and calms the mind, improves circulation, strengthens the whole body, improves posture and overall balance, circulation and breath awareness. And of course, let’s not forget that we get to have FUN when we get inverted. We tap in to our inner child, work with the fear and get playful on our mat.


Throughout the inversion practices on the Soul Sanctuary membership, you will be building strength, letting go of fear, creating trust within yourself and your abilities, flipping your perspective and mindset, enabling more balance and patience in your practice, accepting all the wobbles and falls and, most of all, finding a sense of lightheartedness in your practice.

There is no denying that inversions are difficult and challenging, but we forget that there are many ways to invert on the mat (like downward facing dog). You don’t need to be an advanced yogi to be able to invert.

These small steps that we take on the mat which build strength, patience and trust in ourselves are also an awareness and reflection of who we are off the mat.

Come flow with us

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