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What Happens On A Women’s Retreat?

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The healing power of feminine connection

Our feminine energy is one of the two powerful forces that reside within us all. The divine feminine represents emotion, nurturing, collaboration, our ability to flow and adapt, creativity, abundance and in general; all things compassionate, intuitive and sensual.

It is believed that healing women's circles (sacred gatherings during which women share movement, goals, concerns, stories, and advice) have been around since before the recordings of history. Many people believe that women's circles have not become a common part of our society because the forces created during these gatherings are powerful enough to over ride patriarchy.

Women's gatherings offer the chance for women from different places around the globe with different experiences to share their wisdom.

Five things that happen when you connect in feminine spaces


You find your tribe, safety and connection

One of the biggest benefits of joining a sacred women’s retreat is the fact that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded women who you'll likely have a lot of shared interests or experiences with. The connection cultivated with women who have faced similar challenges or obstacles can help you feel less alone when facing or overcoming challenges.

You'll learn about yourself and others

There's something beautiful about meeting women from different backgrounds. When connecting in an all-women space, you’ll most likely be exposed to a lot of different perspectives, experiences, situations and viewpoints that can offer an opportunity to learn and grow.

Feel heard, feel empowered

Women's spaces exist to uplift, empower and encourage women to step into their power - whatever that might be! Hearing encouragement, stories and learning from other women, together can help you to shift your perspective and step onto your path towards harmony, balance and greatness.

You'll encourage a healthier cycle

Women have always had a deep connection with all things earthly, natural and the seasons, but life in the modern world doesn't always leave time to cultivate this connection. During a women's only retreat, you'll often reconnect to your natural affinity with nature as well as engaging in purposeful practices like womb healing.

Womb healing is often included in women's retreat spaces. This can offer lots of physical and emotional benefits, including reduced discomfort during menstrual cycles and overall reproductive health.

You'll connect with your divine feminine energy

Sometimes, spending time with women is just what we need to align or reconnect with our feminine energy. Most of the practices at women's retreats involve engaging with the feminine - offering the perfect opportunity for alignment.

Some examples of women's retreat practices that'll help you connect to your feminine energy:

🤎 Womb healing

🤎 Journalling

🤎 Somatic/ free movement

🤎 Dance

🤎 Earthing

🤎 Breathwork

retreats and workshops (1000 x 565 px)

At the Soul Sanctuary we offer retreats to both men and women, but often our retreats naturally bring an all female audience. Because of this and having years of experience space holding these retreats, our founder Cat Meffan is embarking on a new and deeply healing retreat journey and you're invited.

Cat says, "I've witnessed hundreds of women from all around the world transform, heal, grow and let go of past wounds and traumas on my retreats. It's an honour to be able to facilitate these sacred spaces, but I know there is more I can do here. As a medicine woman, movement alchemist and breathwork guide, I am creating spaces for women to feel empowered, to take back their sovereignty and to feel truly heard and seen. I hope that one day, I get to meet you on one of these retreats and witness your transformation."

Ways to connect with your feminine energy right now

Are you ready to reclaim your divine feminine energy and dive deep into your sacred womb space?

This journey is about more than just self-discovery; it's about empowerment and connection. The sacred womb is our centre of creation, intuition and inner wisdom, while the divine feminine embodies nurturing, intuition and compassion. By reconnecting with these aspects of ourselves, we unlock our true potential and strengthen the bonds within our community of women. When we fully embrace our divine feminine energy, we access and embody our innate creativity, vitality, and inner power. If you’re interested in learning more, explore the links below to read our blog posts on this powerful subject. It’s time to embark on this empowering journey and celebrate the divine feminine within.

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