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The Power Of ‘I Am’

“To reach the state of uninterrupted joy, you need to accept that everything in the physical world will eventually vanish and decay, but the real self will remain calm and unaffected. Connecting to that real self to see through the illusions of the physical world delivers the ultimate experience of peace and happiness.”- Mo Gawdat


This Month’s Theme: I Am Worthy


Take a deep dive into the principles and philosophies of ‘Atman’ and ‘Brahaman’, the essences that exist within all beings and the Universe, as we invite you to consider the affirmation ‘I Am Worthy’ and our meaning as purposeful beings within the world.


To accompany this exploration into the Self and the Universe, this guide will encourage you to dive deeper into The Universal Self and therefore the world around you, as you consider the space every human and being occupies within the world.  


Intro: Atman, Brahman and Yoga

What is Atman?

Atman is a Sanskrit word to describe the true Self, the universal Self; an essence that forms all things in the Universe individually. It is a universal truth that exists beyond the physical, beyond ego, beyond the false self and presides over everything that is not known as the truth.


Atman exists in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. However, the beliefs surrounding this term vary between different religions. Yoga is not a religion, but as it was developed alongside these Indian religions, yogic philosophy is linked intrinsically to them. In yoga, Atman represents the true Self. 


Atman is found in every living being, plant or organism in the Universe. It is eternal and will not perish.


What is Brahman?

Brahman is a Sanskrit word to describe the spiritual essence of the universe, or whatever you see as the universal power, the ‘absolute’, or the ‘ultimate’ presence. In yoga, this essence is omnipresent, eternal and is the source that gives growth to everything that exists. 


Every being comes from Brahman, meaning that every being in the world is connected spiritually.

What is the difference between Atman and Brahman?


Atman is the essence of the individual, whilst Brahman is the essence of the universal. Both are intrinsically connected, your being wouldn’t exist without Brahman, and by coming to existence, you are a part of Brahman. 


Accessing the ‘Worthy’ Self 


The universal Self is our truth, that which exists beyond the physical, the mind or consciousness. When we begin to peel back the concepts that we don’t know to be true, including perception, belief, the ego (etc), we can begin to find the part of us that is true. When examining our essence within the universe, we can begin to understand the intention of the universe - that we are all purposeful and worthy. 


The route to uncovering the universal Self is through deep introspection; using yoga as a tool.


Rituals to discover the self and self-worth

✨ Journalling 

✨ Manifestation

✨ Affirmations

✨ Free Movement 

✨ Meditation

Journalling: A Love Letter To The Self


Negative self talk is something most of us have found ourselves doing at some point. Negative self talk is based on concepts that are ‘untrue’. Aligning with our true self-worth will help us to uncover our confidence and move closer to clarity. 

Use the template to write a letter to yourself. Write with the confidence that this letter is private, only to you and try to let go of the boundaries that exist outside of the truth. 

When you have completed the letter, read it aloud to yourself. 


Dear Self,

What love am I worthy of?

What luxury am I worthy of?

What goal am I worthy of? 

What emotion am I worthy of?

What am I worthy of that I am fearful of saying out loud?


* (This letter is a guide. If you’d like to add to it or change some of the qualities, we encourage you to do so).*


Affirmations: I am


"I am" affirmations are a powerful affirmation type because they are honest intentions that you want to attract into your life. They are almost like manifestations. You say these words and perhaps repeat them because you care about your life and what the future holds.

We encourage you to include at least one more ‘I am’ affirmation of your own. Return to these often and anytime you begin to stray into negative self-talk. 

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Free Movement 

Free movement practice offers us an opportunity to connect with the self and boost all the positive emotions that help increase self worth. Moving intuitively in the body allows us time to just be ourselves and trust our own instincts as we move in line with our desires. During free movement, we can be fully present in our bodies with no judgment - there’s no right or wrong answer. 


Our tips for a free movement practice

✨ Choose a safe space where you’ll be free from interruption and be allowed to fully express yourself. 

✨ Create a playlist. Choose music that aligns with the emotion you seek. 

✨ Remember that free movement is your own expression. Your free movement can never be incorrect.

✨ Consider whether or not you want to use a yoga mat. Does a mat represent a boundary to you during free movement? Does it represent a safe space? You decide.

Try a Soul Sanctuary free movement practice to guide your journey.

I Am Worthy: Manifestation

Clear your mind with meditation for at least ten minutes, (choose from 100’s videos on Soul Sanctuary).

List three to five goals, hopes, dreams and visualise them happening for you. 

Forget the path you’ll need to get there, or the details, ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. Keep your concentration on the scenario that would be if your goals actually happened. Capture the emotion you’d feel if your manifestations happened.


✨ Step 1: Imagine

Think about your true desires and trust that they are meant for you. Allow yourself to be led by this feeling and imagine how you would feel if your manifestation came true. Act and feel as if your manifestation is already coming true.


✨ Step 2: Feel

Speak internally and aloud with words that cultivate the feeling that your manifestations have been heard by the Universe and perceive everything as a part of the process to your manifestations coming into alignment. Be led by a harmonious  gratitude to the Universe.

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✨ Step 3: Make space

Create space in your mind, body and soul to receive everything that is a part of the plan the Universe has for your manifestations. Be open to receiving signs and small moments that are a part of the path to your manifestation coming true.


✨ Step 4: Move

Continue with your every day and focus on the moments that make up the present. Breathe, let go and surrender to what is to come. Try to prevent yourself from waiting for proof that your manifestation has happened or is happening. The Universe works on the right timeline for you.    


✨ Step 5: Take action

What steps can you take to make your manifestation happen?


Self worth and the Universe 

Have faith that the universe is seeking the success, destiny and the divine path that is meant to be for you. Realise that if there is something you don’t have that you feel you should, it is perhaps a blessing because it will come later in your journey, or something better is meant for you.  Let go and practice believing in the universal power. 


This Month

This month is all about channeling the concept of universal power to cultivate a belief in self-worth. “‘I am worthy’, the universe believes in my power.”

We will practice with our founder, Cat Meffan and guest teachers Joa Gomez, Caroline Inspired and Zakiya Dharsi as we explore the different ways we can explore this concept.

Live Practices

Cat will be live twice this month!

Our Members Live Flow and Q & A will be on Saturday 9th March at 9am.

We will celebrate the Spring Equinox with a bonus live ceremony on 20th March.

As always, we have our suggested Soul Sanctuary flows from the back catalogue, (in black), that align with this month's theme, mapped out below in our printable calendar. The month’s new practices are highlighted in terracotta. You can also find these additional practices in the calendar function on our beautiful app or search for them on the membership on the website via desktop.

And don’t forget - you can flow along with our monthly playlist HERE.

See you on the mat xx

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