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Meet Your Yoganuary Teachers

Meet Your Yoga Teachers

We’re so excited to announce that the following teachers will be a part of your Yoganaury 8.0 Time To Shine journey.

Below, you’ll find out more about each teacher and when you can flow with them during January 2024.

Don’t forget, you can find out everything you need to know about Yoganuary 8.0 in our Time To Shine blog post. In there, you’ll also find details of our INCREDIBLE giveaway.


Cat Meffan

You’ll all know Cat already, but here’s a little bit more about what to expect from Cat during Yoganuary!

Cat is a yoga, meditation, free movement, breath work and sound healing facilitator. As founder and lead teacher of the Soul Sanctuary, Cat's mission is to hold space for people to connect with a deeper layer of the self through movement, stillness and everything in between. Expect lots of juicy classes that connect to the philosophy of yoga, the elements of Earth and empowering messages.

You can flow with Cat throughout Yoganuary as she leads you on a journey throughout all of the five Yoganuary chapters.

Chapter 1: The Arrival, Chapter 2: The Awakening, Chapter 3: The Expansion, Chapter 4: The Freedom and Chapter 5: The Knowing.


Caroline Inspired

Caroline is all about slowing down, being present, keeping the vibes high and the wisdom deep. Caroline shares her love for yoga through teaching and as a student of the practice. She lives a yoga-inspired lifestyle and loves inspiring people to practice yoga every day, without having to step onto the mat.

During Yoganuary, you’ll find the following three beautiful practices from Caroline.

Day 3 - Deep Dive 

We honour where we’re currently at as we arrive in this practice and our journey. From this place, we focus the energy on slowing down and connecting with our intention in this 30-minute deep and slow flow that grounds you into your body, mind and soul. 

Day 10 - Standing your Ground

We’re focusing on how we show up through the discomfort that we experience in our practice in a way that is empowering. We use props and the power within to journey through the obstacles we encounter on the mat. 

Day 20 - Shapes in Space

Connect with your inner and outer world to create expansion and the energy we want to mirror out into the world. Flow through transitions and asanas with creativity that encourage you to take up space, expressing your beautiful inner world in a way that is in full alignment.


Angie Tiwari

Angie is a Wellness Educator, Writer, Coach and Yoga, Meditation, breath work guide and founder of @weareprithvi. Her work involves honouring Eastern rituals, decolonising yoga and speaking on diversity and inclusion. Her teachings provide insights into how you can apply ancient eastern rituals and Vedic philosophy into your modern everyday life.

Angie will join us for two end of week meditation sessions this Yoganuary!

Day 14 - Mudra + Mantra Meditation

In this mudra and mantra meditation practice, Angie guides you through ways to awaken on a deeper level, so you can explore an awakening through vibrations. If you've never tried these types of yoga before, we hugely recommend using this Awakening chapter to give this a go. It's a beautiful time for self inquiry and introspection and we think you'll be enlightened by what you discover. 

Day 21 - Chanting with Angie

During this chapter of Expansion, Angie shares one of the favourite parts of her culture - the power of chanting mantras. She explains the meaning, and how this links to every single element, encouraging you to try yoga off the mat and experience how expansive this can feel. Together we'll chant a sacred and grounding mantra to connect, ground and feel into the fluidity of our voice.

Joa Gomez

Joa Gomez

Joa is a yoga teacher specialising in arm balances, inversions and mobility. He’s constantly looking for ways to build a solid foundation for his student's yoga practice. Joa believes that yoga goes beyond the pose and that any movement practice can be considered yoga if done consciously and with self-awareness.

This Yoganuary, Joa will lead:

Day 5 - Inner Serenity

In this 45-minute flow, you will work on harnessing your inner strength to listen to your inner voice to understand where your limitations are and how to work on them safely and with care. We will be working on fundamental arm balances, (crow & side crow), making sure we build a strong foundation for our arm balance practice.

Day 13 - Take Flight

In this 45-minute inversion flow, we will be taking flight by stepping out of our comfort zone and exploring movements such as different variations of headstand, and forearm stand. Remember to practice with care and stop whenever you need to. This is a practice, so you don't have to get it on the first try. You can revisit this session as many times as you need to.


Lena Jungmann

Lena is a yoga teacher from Austria, based in Berlin, Germany where she teaches her classes and events in both German and English. Her mission and classes are all about inclusivity and proving that yoga is indeed for every body – big or small or in between. With her core values being self-empowerment, self-care, sustainability and mindfulness, her motto is “Why be your biggest critic when you can be your biggest fan instead?”.

We can’t wait to share Lena’s beautiful practice with you. She will join us during the final week of Yoganuary.

Day 29 - Shining in Strength

This strength based flow is focused on your own empowerment, intuition, inner guidance and inner strength. Listen to your body, modify and leave feeling empowered and strong; ready to shine your light to the world.


Zakiya Dharsi

Zakiya is an Indian yoga and wellness teacher from South London. She wholeheartedly believes in yoga’s power to promote physical and mental balance and a sense of joy within. Her mission is to cultivate spaces where you can drop in and find power and grace for yourself. Zakiya’s classes can be physically challenging, yet always encouraging and inclusive to all, with neuroscience benefits, philosophy and a big focus on pranayama, (the breath), to soothe the stresses of our fast-paced life. Zakiya intends for you to leave her classes feeling strong, empowered and grounded in mind and body.

Zakiya will lead a beautiful sun and moon inspired flow during our third Yoganuary chapter.

Day 19: Solar Meets Lunar

We begin our sun and moon inspired flow with gentle pranayama. We then move with strength from standing to plank postures. Yin inspired movement and sensual expression will be weaved into the flow, promoting the importance of slowing down and taking up space. We close with a visualisation in Savasana. Honouring the Moon, our feminine, and the Sun our Masculine side. Each there to serve a purpose. Our intention is to leave you feeling aware, balanced and inspired by the power in your duality.

Our Yoganuary 8.0 theme is: Time To Shine, and we will explore 5 chapters that make up the Time To Shine journey. You can read all about the theme, chapters and our INCREDIBLE giveaway here.

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