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Love Every Part Of Me: Journal Prompts & Affirmations

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Cultivate love for every part of yourself with these journal prompts created especially for this month of opening and harmonising the heart.


Tips To Create a Productive Journaling Routine


Your Journal Tools

Try to let go of the idea that journaling requires a special diary. You can write a journal on which ever tools you like. Most of us think of a pen and paper when writing a journal. You can keep a journal on your phone or computer. *Don't forget, the Soul Sanctuary app has a journal section.


Time of Day

Journaling doesn't have to happen at 6am! Write at the time that works best for you and your schedule. Think about what time of day you can collect your thoughts without disruption - and try to stick to that time of day to hold yourself accountable. Although, if your schedule is less predictable, set different times for each day.



If you want to journal daily, don’t get fixated on quantity. Your journal can be a few words one day and three pages the next.


Types of Journaling

Try using different motivations to guide your journal writing. You can use any thoughts that have risen throughout the day or previous day, journal prompts, or even set a goal of writing a handful of words each time you journal.



Don't forget. The location you choose for your journal writing can be anywhere you like! Do you have a favourite space in your home, or is there a particular space you can journal that will allow you to write without disruption?

Love Every Part Of Me: Journal Prompts

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Love Every Part Of Me: Affirmations

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This Month at Soul Sanctuary

This month at Soul Sanctuary we’re harmonising the mind, body, soul and breath by connecting with the heart and honouring it as the epicentre of health and wellbeing.

The heart is responsible  for physical and emotional balance. By connecting with, opening up and challenging this pivotal hub within the body, we unlock the possibility for bliss and harmony.

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