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Embracing Authentic Connections


Within the tapestry of human existence lies an intrinsic yearning to belong and to discover a place within a community where we can offer and show up in our true essence. Deep within, we crave genuine connections that grant us the freedom to express our authentic selves, including our thoughts, beliefs and idiosyncrasies without the weight of judgment.

Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced world, loneliness has become all too common, leading to detrimental effects on our well-being and mental state. However, by embarking on a journey of self-discovery and building confidence through practices like yoga, we can not only find our tribe and a sense of belonging to a community, but also peel back the layers to allow our authentic self to shine through.

This month on the Soul Sanctuary, we delve deeper into stripping away the layers of judgment, building self-acceptance and confidence and embracing your authentic self in order to attract and find your tribe.

The differences between ‘finding your tribe’ and being a part of a community:

The concept of 'your tribe’ typically refers to a group of individuals that share a strong sense of connection, values, interests and a deeper understanding of each other. Your tribe is intimate, personal and connected by a profound sense of belonging and acceptance. The other members of the tribe represent a close-knit network of individuals who resonate with your authentic self. 

Whilst being part of a community, can still be special and can enable you to feel a sense of belonging, it is usually a broader association with people either in your immediate vicinity or who share a common space or interest. For example, this community may encompass your work colleagues, neighbours, school or study groups, local or social groups. A community around you encompasses a broader group of people providing opportunities for support, growth and sense of belonging. 

Without a community or a tribe, people will often struggle with a sense of loneliness and, though this is often overlooked, it is a common issue that affects people from all walks of life. In a world seemingly more connected than ever, many find themselves feeling isolated and disconnected. 

It's important to remember that both are valuable in their own ways and provide opportunities for support, growth and sense of belonging. The difference you may find though is when you ‘find your tribe’ you are able to create real authentic connections. Finding a tribe that genuinely accepts and understands us allows us to flourish as individuals. There is something incredibly special when we are embraced for our innate true selves. We gain the confidence to explore our passions, share our vulnerabilities and choose our dreams without the fear of judgment and rejection. 


Authentic connections provide a safe space for personal growth, self-expression and a sense of belonging that nourishes our soul. 

Building confidence and finding our tribe often requires an inward journey of self-discovery. The incredible practice of yoga can serve as a catalyst for this transformation. Yoga is more than just a physical exercise; it is a path to self-realisation and acceptance. 

Through Patanjali’s Eight Limb Pathway (read blog here) - the yamas (ethical guidelines), niyamas (personal observances), asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (enlightenment) - yoga helps us cultivate self-awareness, develop inner strength and embrace our true selves.

The power of affirmations and journaling this month will greatly support your journey of self-reflection, discovery and acceptance this month. Come back to the below as often as you need:


Finding a tribe is an essential aspect of nurturing your well-being and mental state. Loneliness can be detrimental, but by cultivating authentic connections, we create a supportive network that allows us to grow, thrive and be our true selves.


By engaging in the practices offered through our membership this month (detailed below), coupled with the additional tools we provide, our intention is to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empower you to cultivate inner confidence. As a result, you will be able to create connections with kindred spirits and establish a nurturing sanctuary where your authentic self is truly embraced.

In the first week, you will move through a 60-minute flow that will focus on raising your vibration through the activation of your throat chakra, vocal chords, breathwork and restorative movement.

This flow will leave you feeling open and nurtured and is a perfect opportunity to have your journal close by.

In the second week we have a 30-minute deep active stretch and strengthening practice that will help you to explore your inner confidence. We recommend deep diving into the monthly journal prompts available for you alongside this practice. 

We also have a ‘higher self’ meditation that will help you to become your most embodied self and to encourage you to step into your authentic full expression.

In the third week, our lovely guest teacher Caroline will guide you through a deliberate slow, strong and empowering 45-minute flow, gradually grounding you into a deeper sense of inner strength.

In your final week, you will be guided through a 20-minute peaceful flow that will soothe the soul through nurturing slow movement. A beautiful grounding practice for when you may feel alone.

This week, we also dive deeper into the asana Gomukhasana in our movement breakdown video. A therapeutic hip, shoulder, back and leg stretch that helps to elevate tension across these areas of the body.

As always, we have our suggested Soul Sanctuary Flow from the back catalogue (in black) which aligns with this month’s theme, mapped out below in our printable calendar. You can find these additional practices in the calendar function on our beautiful app or search for them on the membership on the website via desktop.

Don’t forget - you can flow along with our monthly playlist HERE


And if you missed the incredible offerings to the membership over the past few months, here is a little recap:

🌟 In July - experienced fitness, breathwork and meditation coach Carly Rowena delivered a mini workout collection for our members to increase strength, mobility and mood alongside your yoga practice.

🌟 We also had the release of our third course installment on the membership which is 7-Day 'Into The Hips'. A journey through the hip space that helps to build a new level of awareness for both the physical and emotional needs of the hips. Watch the introduction video HERE.

🌟 And last month, in August, posture therapist and expert Rachna Patel delivered an epic Posture focused 'Props To You' series on the membership. Read her blog HERE to learn more about the importance of your posture and this series.

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